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Our KISS Professional line includes four innovative, industrial-grade, and Safer Choice* products. 

Designed to simplify  your cleaning needs in a compacted, sustainable, close-looped system for all users.

We have mastered the dilution solution that is safe for our planet and its people!

Environmentally Conscious

Refilling our reusable bottles  reduces plastic waste by 95%. Lowering shipping costs and carbon footprint by not shipping water.

Space Saving

Cartridges require 93% less physical space than ready-to-use bottles and require no bulky equipment for usage. 


Our EPA certified formulas have the ability to be naturally broken down while still being powerful for cleaning various surfaces. 

User Friendly

Closed-looped proportioning requires no equipment, no measuring, no contact, and reduce dilution errors. Preparation is simple, fast, and color coded.

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